Not Rational

I'm sure all five of you who read this blog are also friends with me on facebook and know by now that yes, I'm pregnant! I know this doesn't excuse me from posting belly pictures, so I promise those will come soon (when I'm on my laptop and not at work). But for now you have to oo and aww over my new favorite obsession: ridiculously overpriced diaper bags.

Inspring the title of the post, this bag is called "Not Rational--Hansel Diaper Bag." With a price point of $598, I'm thankfully not even tempted by this one. It's a beauty, but one that not even I can justify.

I don't know why I'm in love with this bag, but I am. It comes in at a mere $198...is that so wrong? It's amazing how somehow $200 on a diaper bag seems just a-okay to me. But don't worry, I probably won't be owning this (or any of these bags) anytime soon. I married the man who invented the word "budget", and my consumer life has been much too predictable ever since. I miss crazy impulse purchases, but I guess I don't miss the bounced checks and overdraft fees I was famous for pre-marriage.

Another $198'er. Yes, Angelina Jolie toted this bag throughout India, and yes, that might be the only reason I must get my hands on it. After seeing The Tourist last weekend I finally admitted to Brandon that she is one of the worst possible actresses out there (it took painfully sitting through Wanted, Salt and The Tourist for me to come to terms with this). BUT this does not in any way affect my die-hard obsession with her.

Lastly, the cheapest bag I can find that I love---only $149 :) This will be the last one I show Brandon, and I plan on saying something along the lines of "FINE, I'll resort to this CHEAP-O bag if I can't have the 598 dollar one, hope you're happy!". Look at me, always willing to take one for the team and save a buck.

Prego pics and nursery pics to come....