It's Bulls and Blood, It's Dust and Mud, It's the Roar of a Sunday Crowd...They call the thing Rodeo

Few things ring in the summer quite like the Rodeo. This year I'm going with Nicole and I am so so excited. I can't believe that someone who has owned a horse since she was like 10 has never been to a Rodeo! It's going to be a blast. The St. Paul Rodeo is HUGE in Oregon, and they make it quite the event. Utah produces some pretty amazing rodeos as well, so if you haven't been to one you should make this summer your first! Lehi has a really fun one, and it's the perfect excuse to get decked out in that hot cowgirl get-up you've been dying to whip out.

Squeeky, Dented, Jungle Green, Ford Taurus...oh How I Will Miss You...

Oh the joys of car shopping! After weeks of meeting with, negotiating with and being completely lied to by car salesmen, I am amazed that I married a one! Thankfully I didn't marry a car salesman (they seem to unquestionably be the worst type), but I absolutely married the man that could sell ice to an eskimo. When we were dating I remember being sooo turned off by this "quality" but every once and awhile it does come in handy.

It turns out you can't sell a salesman and therefore I don't know if we'll ever be buying a car in this lifetime! Brandon will NOT budge on the prices he wants. Even after he gets them down by $1,000's if they are even insisting we pay $300 more than his ideal price he will walk away from the deal. To me this a completely ridiculous waste of time, but to him I am a financial disaster waiting to happen, so we agree to disagree. So, we may not be buying a car in this lifetime, but when it happens we will definitely walk away saving an extra $15 a month on our car payment (again, is this seriously necessary?!).

These are the cars we are deciding between, any suggestions are welcome.

Classic Toyota 4Runner. Of course my top pick. The exterior just says "oh hey, yea I just got back from the mountain and now I'm heading to the lake for some boating and then off to the dessert for some 4-wheeling". So cool. The interior is not my favorite though. And we would obviously buy this car used, it's pretty spendy.

Hyundai Tucson was our first choice. You can get the 2010 model for a very reasonable price. The exterior is a bit small looking (however it does look better in person, this picture makes it look like an alien car) but the interior is incredible.

The Nissan Murano is Brandon's first choice. He thinks it looks "badass" (not my choice of words...). I think the grill looks slightly bizarre, but besides that it's not a bad car at all. It does seem to look better with a European license plate, don't you think? Maybe we should move to Europe....but don't even get me started on that.