Sundance Night Skiing!

Brandon and I decided to go night skiing up at Sundance on a whim this Saturday. It was a super fun night with perfect weather and tons of fresh powder. Towards the end though it was just packed. Their runs take like maaaybe 15 minutes, and then you're back in this horrendous line, waiting to get back up to the top. Kinda sucked, but I guess that's why it's so cheap.

Ok ok, really, I just had to show off the new beanie I begged, whined and cried for at Sports Authority earlier that afternoon. It was hard work, but alas, I won. It is the warmest, yummiest beanie I have ever worn.

Gearing up! Ok these gloves were miserably freezing. Big upset of the night was having numb hands. I borrowed them from Bran's sister and now I know what I'm getting her for her Birthday. Thankfully Brandon switched me gloves half-way through....cuz he's the bestest friend ever.

Bridal Veil falls is so purty in the winter. I love the drive through the Provo canyon, it's a gorgeous scenery during any season (which is much more than I can say for the rest of Utah...blech).


An Ambrerose Valentine's Giveaway

I am hosting another Ambrerose Giveaway this month! How to Enter?

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This giveaway ends on January 31st, at noon and the winner will be announced at this post. The winner will also be notified via email and the prize will be shipped out shortly thereafter.

With luck, you could win this lovely gift or make it your own Valentine's treat!

What are you waiting for?

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Baby Boy Turns 24

I'm pretty sure the typical blogging wife would take this opportunity to publicize the top 50 reasons they think their husband is the best husband EVER. But, the thought of doing that, no matter how much I love and adore Brandon, makes me gag. You've gotta draw the line somewhere, and I draw it at unnecessary lovey mushiness that no one cares to read about.

Bran and his friends went paintballing for his birthday. He kindly invited me, and I kindly opted out (I'm sure this was much to his relief). For some reason the thought of being chased around in the dark by 10 testosterone filled, grown men with "guns" sounded slightly terrifying. Before paintballing we went to In'n'Out for dinner with Brandon's good friends Ryan and Leah. Later that night we opened presents, my favorite part!! I loooove buying people presents, especially for someone like Brandon who loves loves surprises more than the average person. His main present was new snowboard boots and bindings:


We have so much to be grateful for

The caption to this photo: "A woman reacts as bodies are removed from the streets with a bulldozer."

TIME has an incredibly moving gallery of pictures from Haiti's earthquake destruction. This picture is fascinating because it captures so many emotions most of us will (hopefully) never have to experience. I cannot fathom what these people are going through.


Neeever buy an HP computer. After months of dealing with a POS laptop, it took it's final turn for the worst the week of finals. My keyboard decided to systematically start pissing me off...one key at a time. It started off with the "n" going out, followed by the space bar, the "s", the "!", and on and on and on. Every few hours another key would go out and I would call Brandon (who had LEFT me for Oregon because he was sooo cool and finished finals first...classy) cursing his name, because somehow when you get married everything is the other person's fault. WELL I somehow typed like 25+ pages on this crappy keyboard, pounding the crap out of it and swearing up a storm in the meantime. My keyboard still doesn't work, and it is very hard to type this, but I'm playing the role of martyr very well to guilt Brandon into buying me this:

Ohhh I crack myself up, that'll never happen. So in the meantime, I deeply empathize with this angry angry baby:

I've done a bit of research and found that there are indeed other (and perhaps superior) uses for the keys on my keyboard. I'm thinking seriously about taking up this very...very odd craft:

However, I truly think it is unnecessary for her to spell what I'm sure the world already knows about her. And with two 3's? Ok, I won't lie, it took me awhile to figure out what the word was. Tricky tricky.