Our Dandy Little Apartment

It's interesting when guy's decorate. Brandon went to Ikea all by himself to buy this print of Amsterdam. I'm still a bit confused why this happened. But he's happy with it...he particularly enjoys the red bike (I hear this almost daily).

There are some things about Provo student housing that you truly can never escape from. Hideous, blue, living room furniture never ceases to amaze me when it shows up yet again.

I don't think anyone fully appreciates how hard it was to hang those Chinese lanterns with dental floss.

I must say the kitchen turned out quite cute.

I have nothing to say about the bathroom counter.

Brandon's mom took us shopping for a few things to "spruce" up our apartment. This shower curtain was one of them and I love it. Funny story: Brandon's Grandma's sister (Great Aunt Corinne) stopped by the other day, went to use our bathroom, thought the shower curtain was a wall (?????) and fell completely into the tub, pulling the curtain down with her. Some stories are just priceless.


Seriously Brandon?? Seriously!?

He his standing on an itty bitty ledge...not even funny.

Lake Powell!

"Over Here Honeymooners!"

At the markets in Cancun we were bombarded by shopkeepers that would call to us, "Over here honeymooners!" "Buy something for your wife over here!" Tricky, but not that tricky...Brandon's parents sent us to Cancun for 9 days, it was such a fun getaway! We thought it would be fun to play up the "tourist" role and give in to every trip, tour and package offered. We usually would never do that, so it was really fun! We got to take a boat out to Isla de Mujeres and play on the beach, we took a boat out to Playa del Carmen to see the the sites, and we took a boat to Cozumel to go snorkeling in the reefs. My favorite was a place called Xcaret where we went to a traditional play/musical, saw tons of beautiful animals, watched dolphins do tricks, and swam in the ocean. We spent most of the time just relaxing by the pool and sipping Pina Coladas. I must say we are two very good vacationers.

View of the city from our hotel.

View of the ocean from our hotel during a huge storm. I played with the saturation a little too much on this picture, but the colors that night truly were this amazing pink and purple.

If I had to wear any costume, this would be the one.

Hotel Monaco

Ok, I have to take a second to brag about our wedding night hotel. My parents' wedding present was a night in the Grand Hotel Monaco in the heart of down town Portland. I had NO idea a hotel room could be this incredible, I seriously think I could live there! Thanks again mom and dad!

Our pretty honeymoon suite!


It's Like Rain on your Wedding Day

My mom arranged the flowers - my bouquet turned out exactly how I pictured.

We got married on June 20, 2009 in the Portland, Oregon Temple. Everything about the day was beautiful, even the Oregon rain that poured down on our outdoor reception. Luckily everyone really stepped up to the plate and despite the craziness of it all, it was truly an unforgettable day.

Brandon's incredibly photogenic sisters. The three of them together is a riot.

Only Oregonians would come so prepared.

My grandma made my wedding cake.

I'm impressed that our photographer got the prettiest hand at the wedding dipping into the strawberry lemonade. That has to be Diane Evershed's perfect little hand/jewelry/sweater combo.

Best part of the whole day was driving off :)