Baby Daisy

Love these pictures of Baby Daisy and my two favorite sisters. We were going to go to Eagle Creek today and swim in the waterfalls but it's a rainy Oregon day, so we're watching "In her Shoes"---ever seen it? It's not over, but so far it's the worst movie I've seen this year (second to Valentine's Day of course).



Well hello blog friends (Amy, Peyton, and on occasion, Brittany...), I'm still alive! Took lots of pictures - can't find camera - found camera but memory card is MIA, you know how it goes. So to sum up the past month and half since we've been in Oregon (and done with Provo since Brandon graduated-yay!), here ya go: Went to the dermatologist two days ago because ever since I moved to Oregon I've had all these zits, blah blah, very boring. Anyways, I paid Doctor whoever-she-was $135 to not prescribe me anything because apparently my insistence that I am suffering from life-altering, extreme, 13-yr-old acne meant nothing to her, and she assured me they would go away and I might "be under an increased amount of stress lately?"

Hmmm, well, as of late:

-We've moved from Utah to Oregon. (Hmm, funny story for a later time on that topic. It involves my car making it to south Salt Lake before it plunkered out and died, which left me stranded on I-15 for 2 hours in the blazing sun.)

-We bought a new car (Rav4, not new of course, but fun!)

-We sold a car (Flames and all!)

-We are in the middle of closing on a new house in Oregon City (which is a million times more stressful than I ever thought it would be!)

-We bought a lab puppy (It pees, it poops, it pukes, it whines, it bites, it licks my face...we might as well have had a baby!!! Have you seen Marley and Me? Watch it, then cry for me.)

-We are yet to unpack any of our boxes because we live in Brandon's Grandma's basement until mid-August (which also means we don't have our own place and are NEVER ALONE). So naturally I can't find ANYTHING and every morning I spend a good chunk of time crying to Brandon that I don't know where any of my clothes are and I'm sick of wearing the same 5 outfits over and over...and over.

-While living at Brandon's Grandma's house we are conveniently located 6 minutes away from my parents and 10 minutes away from his parents. No matter how much I LOVE our families, this is a weeee bit to close.

-Brandon works 9am - 8pm pretty regularly and so I never ever see him.

-I work for my dad, and I just got a new job at a Real Estate company.

-We have taken on the care of 2 horses at my parents property which somehow is way more work than you can imagine.

Okay, now I just sound like the biggest whiner ever. I am very happy, life is fabulous, but for someone who stresses constantly this is not the ideal situation! Isn't it funny how in life we are so quick to look ahead and say "Okay, when this is over I will be happy and able to breathe"? That is exactly how I feel right now.