Mini Nursery

The nursery still needs a lot of work. We have all the fabric picked out but still need to sew sheets, bumper pad, and crib skirt. The closet needs some serious organizing (its very tiny, not sure what to do with it... good thing his clothes are ridiculously tiny as well). Also need to get light switch plates, door handles, dumb stuff like that. I finally feel like it's close to finished though! We (always refers to my mom and me, Brandon has zero interest in home decor, phew!) picked out the drape fabric a long long time ago and fell in love with it, but then had to match the entire nursery to it which ended up being really hard! I always wanted a yellow and grey nursery, but the yellow, turquoise and grey in the curtains is somehow the HARDEST shades to match. We brought home fabric after fabric that didn't come close to matching! And then there was the whole white-comes-in-waaaay-too-many-shades debacle. We had bright white trim around the windows, clashing with slightly off-white crib/changing table, clashing with very off-white drapes, clashing with cream chair cover, it was horrible. Somehow it ended up working out.

Duke thinks we are the coolest parents EVER for giving her her very own room. She especially appreciates how all the onsies are at eye level so she can carefully choose which one should be carried around the house (ugh). Naturally this is her new favorite rug to shed on (it is the softest thing I have ever felt).

Meet Mr. Monkey. My crafty (she would hate that I used the word "crafty") mom made him and he is oh so cute. She is in the process of making him an orange "fat friend" with a big old monkey gut. I had to take a picture of his hand---she sewed a bug on one and a leaf on the other because he's eating :) I love it. I'm not sure how she comes up with ideas like this and whips them out in a day with no pattern or previous experience, I'm so untalented.

I'm obsessed with this hot air balloon mobile. Because of the crazy slanted ceilings in this room I couldn't put it over the crib (kept hitting the ceiling and was way too low), but it's pretty cute over the changing table.


  1. Everything about this is darling! Love the wall color, the rug, the drapes, the mobile...everything! I'm so glad you finally posted, I love Kelsey updates. I can't believe you are going to be a MOM soon. so cool. Speaking of moms... your mom is so talented and cute! Tell her hello!

  2. Thanks Peyt! I can't believe I'm going to be a mom either, what was I thinking?! Please come visit soon!