Finally getting to some of the MANY projects on my to do list. Somehow I pictured having this to do list all done by April 24th--this will not be happening.

I've always loved gallery walls but had no idea how much time people put into them to make them look perfect! I am not one for perfection, at all, so instead of measuring and leveling and blah blah blah I just threw them up there and crossed my fingers. Many nail holes later I think it semi-turned out. Still have a few blank frames, baby pictures perhaps?

Always trying to make my kitchen look less like an apartment (cheap cabinets, counters and floors tend to give that impression), and more like a NY alley kitchen (hah!!). We decided valences to the ceiling might help emphasize the narrowness and height of the room. Everything else in my house is pretty neutral, so I though why not bring in some blue, pink and orange? Livin' on the wild side, I know. As with all creative projects, I take no credit---my mom comes up with all the ideas and sews everything. I provide entertainment and treats while she works.

I gave up finding affordable chair cushions that fit my chairs and I could stand to look at every day, so we made these! Never in a million years would I have thought orange fabric would look good. I love it though. I've always been scared of color and cling to white (can you tell?!?), my mom on the other hand lives for color, and I'm starting to learn she's always right.

As cute as this couch is, it's incredibly uncomfortable since it's from like the 70's. SO, we (my mom) made a really comfy seat cover over the cushions. Living room is till coming along, it's a hard space to work with since it feels super small, but we're trying to make it cozy.

Picked this cool thing up at the thrift store. It had an awful finish on it. We power washed it (quickest way to antique something!), and it turned out pretty nifty.


  1. Please come decorate my apartment. Please.

  2. You move to Oregon (what are you doing in Utah anyways?!?!) and I'll decorate!

  3. K, so, send your mom over my way. I've been trying HOPELESSLY to make one stinking pair of freaking kitchen curtains, and it's just not happening. I give up.