I'm really trying!

Okay, I'm really trying hard to take more pictures! It's kind of hard when there's only two of you. No adorable babies to photograph, and taking picture of each other kind of gets old. This weekend was fun! We did really boring "married" things like clean, run errands, wash the cars, go grocery shopping, etc., but for some reason when it's WARM out it makes everything a million times better! And sometimes just doing things together is so nice. I can't wait to someday have kids, but I'm sure I'll look back on these times and miss being alone with each other! These pictures are really lame, but they are a good start!

I feel like usually it's the wife who has to be careful not to "nag" and re-do the husband's chores because he can't do anything the "right" way. Well, behold the benefits of being married to someone with a little bit of OCD in their blood. I love it. I spent quite awhile washing these windows myself. As I was admiring my work, Brandon came and grabbed the Windex from me and went outside to "fix" the mess I made and get rid of all my streaks. He said something about being the window washing master...sure enough, 20 minutes later, there were no streaks. Weirdo. He's that way with everything though; it's really funny and really useful. We joke that he's better at cooking, better at cleaning, and better at doing laundry. Truly though, he definitely is!

Brandon is such a better cook than I am. Every time I'm about to make something (french toast for breakfast in this case!) he jumps in and says he'll make it. I would like to think he's just being nice...but I'm pretty sure it has something to do with my cooking. I'm getting better though, really!

Ignore the prayer pose, not sure what's going on. I got a pretty good shiner on Friday. The story is more than embarrassing, but it has something to do with my horse, a horse dentist, passing out, a metal pole, and a vet catching me. I hate to relive the story at all, but it's the only picture I got of myself all week.

My hard little worker! Just a shout out to a great guy who someone pulled of 40+ hours/week of work and 19 credits this last semester! He's never not working. Even when he's watching the NBA playoffs he'd tirelessly making calls for work. The best is when he puts people on hold for long periods of time to focus in on the game and yell at me to "come watch this!!" And he still sells them, every time! 3 cheers for Brandon!


  1. 5 stars for effort! The pics are great. Jay is a better cleaner than me, too. I still usually do most of the cleaning, but when he has time, he can get everything done about twice as fast as I can. And I love the part about Brandon putting people on hold to watch the game. So funny. What a guy.

  2. Dear Kelsey,

    Update your blog, update your blog, update your blog! Now now now!

    your person (you get a sticker if you remember that)